Number of words in database: 920

the letters:
unscramble it:



How To Play

  1. Try to unscramble the word by clicking on the letters at the top to move them to the bottom, or by typing out the word. You can also use the scramble button to help you.
  2. If you make a mistake, click on the letters at the bottom to undo, or click on the [Clear] button, or press enter.
  3. When you manage to unscramble a word, you earn points depending how long you took to solve it, and bonus if you are playing on the harder difficulty level. Minus some points if you used the scramble button too many times.
  4. You can give up after seconds and continue to the next word, you but lose the points for that word.
  5. A link is provided to view the meaning of the word at the end of the round.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A-Z : Type out the word
  • Backspace / Delete : Removes last letter
  • Spacebar : Scramble word
  • Enter : Clear word

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