Normal and hard modes uses longer words and grants bonus score.

How To Play

Each scrambled word only has a single solution (anagram).

  1. Try to guess the word by clicking on the letters to assemble them in the right order, or by typing out the word. You can also use the scramble button to reposition the letters.
  2. Click on the letters to undo, or click on the "Clear" button, or press the Escape key. Clicking on the first letter will also clear the board.
  3. There is a time limit, and you lose a few seconds every time the scramble button is used.
  4. When you manage to unscramble a word, you earn points depending how much time is left, with a bonus multiplier for the harder difficulty levels.
  5. You can give up after 30 seconds.
  6. A link is provided to view the meaning of the word at the end of the round.

Number of words in database: 900+; Shortest word: 5 letters; Longest word: 11 letters.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A-Z : Type out the word
  • Backspace / Delete : Removes last letter
  • Spacebar : Scramble word
  • Escape: Clear word

Comments & Feedback

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  • 21 Jan 2024 - Added haptic feedback when clicking on letters, and reversed board on mobile
  • 14 Jan 2024 - Split words into three modes - easy/normal/hard. Smarter random word selection.
  • 13 Jan 2024 - Rewrote entire game code, updated UI, added time bar, lose round after running out of time
  • 30 Apr 2016 - Changed Facebook page to https://www.facebook.com/wordscramble
  • 14 Nov 2015 - Migrated to new website with remade UI
  • 14 Mar 2010 - Modified end-of-round score display to show the max points you can get for the word, and score totals
  • 08 Apr 2009 - Changed scoring system based on time taken, difficulty level, and number of times 'scramble' is used
  • 04 Apr 2009 - Added difficulty options
  • 03 Apr 2009 - Added Scramble button to reposition the letters (spacebar)
  • 31 Mar 2009 - Added typing word out feature, also enter to clear all, and delete or backspace to remove last letter
  • 01 Dec 2007 - Added instructions on how to play, changed give up time to 30 seconds, added [Clear] button
  • 18 Oct 2007 - WordScramble was released