Accessibility Statement

I am dedicated to creating a website that is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. I believe that everyone deserves equal access to information and resources, and I am committed to making my website conform to the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standard.

Accessibility Features

Keyboard navigation

All website functionality is accessible via keyboard without relying on a mouse.

Screen reader compatibility

The website is compatible with popular screen readers and provides clear and consistent reading order.

Alternative text for images

All images have descriptive alt text that conveys their meaning to screen reader users.

Color contrast

The website uses sufficient color contrast ratios to ensure that text and visuals are easily readable for people with low vision.

Accessible forms

Forms are designed to be accessible to users with motor impairments and provide clear instructions and error messages.

Headings and landmarks

Headings and landmarks are used to structure the content and make it easier to navigate for users with disabilities.

User interface compatibility

The website is compatible with assistive technologies such as screen magnifiers and voice recognition software.

Regular accessibility testing

The website is regularly tested using automated and manual tools to identify and address accessibility barriers.

Commitment to Accessibility

I am constantly working to improve the accessibility of my website and welcome feedback from users. If you encounter any accessibility barriers on my website, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am committed to making my website accessible to everyone and will do my best to address any accessibility concerns you may have.

You may reach me via my website's contact form.

Social Responsibility

I believe that accessibility is a social responsibility, and I am committed to creating a more inclusive and accessible web for everyone. I am actively involved in the accessibility community and support organisations that promote accessibility awareness and education.

Thank you for visiting!