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The service was very fast and thorough. Sam explained step by step what needed to be done and took care of the project. We communicated over email and he was very polite.
Sam can always be relied upon to always deliver the expected results required by my business. He has made a dramatic difference to the quality of features for my projects compared to the previous vendors who I worked with.
Having worked with several web developers over the years, Samuel has proven to be the most capable, responsive, and professional developer I've had the pleasure to work with. As a designer, I'm always looking to push the boundaries of what's technically possible. Where many developers might push back or suggest a compromised solution, Samuel always seems to find a way – and often one that is better than I could have imagined. It's this ability to collaborate and add value beyond the original assignment that makes Samuel such a rare and valuable development partner.
Very fast developer. Samuel does an excellent job at analysing requirements and is also able to identify when the required solution is not possible, and then give recommendations on a different approach. He also exceeded my expectations on the deliverables. Looking forward to working again with him. Thank you!
It was absolutely fantastic. Samuel delivered the finished product extremely fast once I finished my part and even made instant tweaks to the finished product as we traded emails. It was fantastic and worth every penny! I will definitely be back for any custom code work for future projects! Thank you!!
Very fast, very straightforward, flawlessly working code. Not cheap, but totally worth it! Definitely my first choice for custom code in the future!
Samuel is really self-driven and always shows great initiative when it comes to his work. He takes personal responsibility and can be relied upon to manage different tasks and changing priorities. Sam has consistently exceeded my expectations by over-delivering on improvements for seemingly minor details that are often overlooked, but yet play a huge part in the user experience of the feature as a whole.
I am not accepting new projects at the moment.
Please check back another time. Thanks!