About Me

Samuel Liew

G'day! I'm a web developer/software engineer from Australia, migrated from Singapore since 2016.

I was interested early with computers and IT, leading to a clear decision to pursue a diploma in IT at a polytechnic instead of attending junior college. I excelled especially in programming modules and even took on additional courses and certifications to satisfy my desire for all things related to programming. Sometimes I even seek out more challenges to complete and even put together a couple of web apps as a hobby.

During my national service, I completed my combat training but was assigned to administrative duties (against my wishes). I made full use of my programming skills in the office to code web pages and scripts to improve efficiency at my unit, achieving several monetary awards. I was also able to provide IT support for other units via email and internal forums.

I went on to take up a degree in IT at Curtin University. The Computer Graphics project was one of the most challenging but satisfying to complete. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I topped the cohort in the final-year project developing a corpus text search engine utilising remote procedure calls and parallel processing.

Under the course of employment, I gained experience with developing and maintaining a diverse range of websites from governmental, utilities, real estate, investor & media relations, contests, interactive touch screen kiosk displays, real-time feedback web apps, blogs, e-magazines, and web portals. I have created two in-house proprietary content management systems (C#.NET/MongoDB and PHP/Yii/MySQL) including database design during the course of employment. One of my favourite accomplishments is developing a microstock photography website (vivistock.com), which involves e-commerce transactions and implements heavy business logic.

Currently, I am interested in researching, developing, and testing new methods and tools to standardise and expedite my web development process. I believe in life-long learning and keeping updated with latest industry trends.


Being a good listener is not just listening when another is speaking, but also understanding the unspoken.- Samuel Liew
We are not perfect, but we should not let that hinder us from achieving our best.- Samuel Liew


Scrabble, Chess, classical/instrumental music, bananas, mangoes, salmon, chicken, fried carrot cake, tau sar piahkweh bahulu, tamago boro


spicy food (e.g.: chilli, curry), smokers, dirty toilets, mosquitoes, excessive/repetitive noise/chatter, monotonous speeches/lectures


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