About Me

Samuel Liew

Hello! I'm a Singaporean living in Perth, Australia.

Since young, I've been captivated by the potential of technology and the power of code to create stuff on the web. This fascination led me to pursue a diploma in IT, where I discovered the joy of programming and building "cool things" with code. This passion has remained constant throughout my career, fuelling my love for coding challenges and driving me to create diverse projects, from web apps and scripts to automated bots.

I served in national service in an administrative role, allowing me to leverage my expertise to develop web pages and scripts that significantly boosted the efficiency of my unit. This initiative not only earned us financial recognition but also ignited a desire to share my knowledge and empower others. This led me to assist administrative staff from other units in the internal forums, helping them improve their workflow and work smarter.

My academic journey continued at Curtin University, where I earned a degree in IT. During my time there, I excelled in challenging projects and assignments, and I'm particularly proud with my development of a text corpus search engine using remote procedure calls and parallel processing. This project exceeded expectations, propelling me to the top of my class for my final-year project and further solidifying my passion for tackling complex tasks with programming solutions.

Since entering the professional world, I've had the opportunity to develop and maintain websites across various sectors, from government and healthcare to banking, utilities, and real estate. Each project has presented unique challenges and allowed me to hone my abilities, including the development of a successful microstock photography website. This project encompassed aspects like e-commerce, complex business logic, and advanced image processing, displaying my ability to manage diverse technical requirements.

My commitment to continuous learning and contributing to the developer community led me to become a moderator on Stack Overflow in 2018. This platform provided me with the opportunity to not only give back to the developer community, but also contribute to improving the user experience through the development of userscripts that enhance the interface and streamline curation activities for moderators and community members.

Presently my focus revolves around my special interests Webflow and Make, and I am highly engaged with these communities, participating in discussions, sharing insights, and collaborating with fellow enthusiasts. My involvement allows me to stay abreast of the latest developments, share my expertise, and network to collaborate with others within these specialised domains. Through these activities, I continue to bridge my passion for programming with a commitment to community building and knowledge sharing.

Today, I am enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise and experience to contribute to new and existing projects. I'm a dedicated and results-oriented individual, constantly striving to deliver exceptional work and exceed expectations. My passion for technology and innovative approaches makes me an asset to any organisation seeking a skilled software developer to tackle interesting projects and deliver impactful solutions.