SSChallenge 2016

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The world around us is changing. Our living environment is changing. Long term shifts of weather patterns are happening; scientists discussing climate change effects paint dire scenarios of how the earth is gradually and irreversibly changing into an inhospitable planet.

Flooding. Dry weather. Soaring temperatures. Mosquito-borne diseases. Food shortages. Water shortages. These are not remote scenarios. We are experiencing some of them today. And they are likely to be more frequent, more widespread, in the future.

Can we stem the tide? What can we do today to help our beautiful blue planet sustain us?

The SSChallenge 2016 wants you to think about the future world you want and what you can do today to make that happen. Choose a project that speaks to you, and tell us what you've learnt and what you think all of us can do for a sustainable future.

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