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About The Client

We are a multi-disciplinary creative agency and we call ourselves Credence Partnership. But before you shrug us off as 'just another design firm' out there, allow us to let you in on a little truth about us and how you may well like us to work for you.

So yes, we are a trusted player in the mainstream creative industry and we offer full-range brand and corporate identity services, yet we are more the alternative. The go-to agency for that more-than-the-usual brand boost experience.

So just how alternative are we talking about here?

It's in our brand stewardship. You hand us your precious brand for a certain time and allow us to creatively process it. And because we are brand stewards and not merely creative experts, we handle the brand entrusted to us with utmost responsibility. Our 'foster parent' role creates a profound sense of brand intimacy and workmanship like no other. Then factor in our 19-year design and marketing expertise plus our easy-to-work-with streamlined services and you'll see spot-on how we put meaning to 'alternative' in the way we are and the way we work.