List of Things to Bring for Singapore National Service BMT Enlistment

January 2021
January 2007

For those enlisting for NS, here is a list of things that you need for the first two weeks of BMT but is not stated (based on my experience). The first two weeks is also known as confinement weeks as trainees are not allowed to go home, unless there’s a public holiday.

  • At least $10 worth of 50c/$1 coins (for vending machines)
  • Scissors
  • $5-10 for e-mart /canteen breaks (if you are lucky)
  • Pen for taking notes (notebook provided)
  • Permanent black marker (to label your stuff with)
  • Extra plastic bags for dirty laundry, misc. use (about 2-3)
  • Enough underwear for two weeks (depending on your usage)
  • Clothes hangers (4 should be sufficient)
  • All-in-one body soap/shampoo (so you don’t have to bring too much), facial foam (you should wash your face after trainings)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (you can use the one they issue to you, but is not recommended as you have to pack that set for outfield use, so bring another set)


  • Extra roll of toilet paper
  • Extra handphone battery
  • Battery-operated shaver
  • Febreeze (anti-bacterial/odour spray for clothes, for those who are lazy to wash clothes in camp) (Sold in NTUC. Get the anti-bacterial one. I think it’s purple in colour)
  • Washing powder and brush (for washing clothes if you are siao-on)
    – Alternatively you can just use febreeze and re-use your clothes, bringing them home to wash at the end of the week
    – Tip: Try not to wash your army stuff with other clothes at home; they really turn the water brown. The velcro on the new uniform may even damage sensitive fabrics like dry-fit/microfibre.

You can bring in the items below when you get to book out the first time. Most of them can be bought at beach road market (link at bottom of post). You can get them in advance, but bringing too many items on the first day is not recommended as you already got A LOT of stuff to carry up the stairs to your bunk (I’m not joking. They are going to issue you with about 30kg worth of equipment, and generally instructors don’t like you to drag it up the stairs). Update: Some of these are now issused in BMT during enlistment – check first before buying.

  • Plastic ziplock bags for packing personal equipment for your field pack. (Note the number and sizes they ask you to get. Those thin ones for packing food are not acceptable; get these from beach road)
  • Thick trash bag x2 (to line the inside of your field pack so your stuff don’t get wet)
  • 2x large can of prickly heat powder
  • At least two rolls of black tape and one roll of colour tape (colour depending on your platoon)
  • Slippers
  • Waterproof watch
  • Nail clippers (do cut your nails before you enlist though)
  • Spare pair of specs for those who wears them


  • Swimming goggles (if you cannot swim 50 metres without it)
  • More clothes hangers, clothes pegs
  • Wet tissues (Recommended item: removes camo easily, bring for outfield trainings. Watsons usually sell a pack of three smaller packs with 10 wet tissues each. I brought in three of these mega packs and they were just enough for use throughout BMT)
  • Reading material, UNO card game (for free time. No poker cards allowed)
  • Pain relieving spray (in case you are prone to muscle aches and sprains from strenuous activities. I never needed to use such an item)
  • Some plasters
  • Battery-operated radio
  • More coins for vending machines
  • Snacks (cup noodles, biscuits, etc. Only dry food allowed)
  • Thirsty Hippo (or similar brands. Recommended item: removes smell and bad odour from your locker)
  • Spare lock and two keys (a lock will be provided on enlistment, but get another in case you lose the one given)

Gray-area items depending on company
(ASK for permission if you want to bring them in, do not bring into camp during BMT):

  • MP3 player
  • Handphone charger


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