About The Website

Since 2007 onwards, luxury network has become China 's leading and most trusted online luxury magazine.

Only concerned with the moment the world's top products and services, luxury network is an indispensable guide for luxury lovers and connoisseurs.

An outstanding editorial team and excellent production quality are two important well-established pillars of our high-quality content. Unlike the site with simply a collection of information, we prefer a responsible attitude of the media, high-quality content production devoted towards more energy and effort.

This not only allows us to have many loyal readers in just four years, and we are very proud to attract luxury senior experts from around the world to become our columnists and writers for luxury network. We are working together to spread the concept of a luxury living and top career lifestyle.

We firmly believe that for online luxury content areas, Jinling network is absolutely unique.

About The Client

‍WhiteWave Media Group is Asia’s No 1 integrated luxury media group, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Our portfolio of media products include luxury websites, print magazines and mobile apps across the region, all targeting affluent luxury buyers. This gives us the largest and most powerful integrated media platform for luxury marketers in Asia.

Launching with a single website, in 2006, we were Asia’s very first digital luxury media company. Today we are honoured to serve tens of thousands of readers everyday, and to have delivered hundreds of successful digital campaigns for the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

7 years on, we retain the same energy and passion we had when we started, and we remain humbled by the trust of our readers and clients.