My BMT Field Camp Experience

January 2021
February 2007

My field camp was a memorable one. I felt that the platoon has improved on the way they do things. For example, now the bond in our platoon is stronger, we are able to work better together, and most of us now think of others before self. We also respond faster and do things with more sense of urgency.

We were introduced to field discipline during our field camp. Some of which I find very useful, some appropriate, others inconvenient. We were told that we should treat the field camp as though as we are in a real war, by applying the field disciplines appropriately.

Although I perceived the field camp to be very tough, as in endless punishments from the commanders, it turned out that most of the field camp was not that – the objective was to impart skills and knowledge to us.

During the field camp, we were tasked to help move stores and set up the admin tents. My platoon was very co-operative and we got the jobs done fast. I especially enjoy helping to set up the tents.

Spending the few nights with my platoon, be it in our basha tents or under the stars was also memorable. The ground was hard and uneven, there were many insects, and it was cold. In spite of all this, I still managed to get some sleep.

During the field camp, we went through many lessons and tests. Concealment and camouflage, range card drawing, fire movement, immediate assault / sniper / arty drills, etc. Learning and putting them into practice was fun. The activity in field camp that I like most is the fire movement practices. I was looking forward to it as we get to fire plastic blanks.

We had a night movement on the fourth night. I thought it was going to be a tough road ahead, but it was like a stroll in the park because we had to be quiet, and so walk slowly. We even got to sit down and enjoy the wind and the stars for a long period of time.

Another activity during field camp that I looked forward to everyday was the powder baths, where we get to sprinkle prickly heat powder on ourselves, covering all our sweat, smell and dirt. It was refreshing and made it easier to sleep at night.

There was an incident on the third day, when our platoon sergeant got mad because we did not meet his expectations. He made us run about, crawl through the muddy water, then everything out and in. The platoon’s morale went really down that day, and I tried to encourage several people, who looked like they were almost ready to give up. At least the next day we got a shower break.

In conclusion, this field camp was a memorable one. There were ups and downs in morale, energy ran low at times, certain activities were tiring, but we still have to continue to give our best. I learnt a lot from the lessons and hope to put it into practice in the future.

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